Dams / Weirs


Dams/Weirs are the basic structures to harness the water potential in irrigation, flood control, power generation and water harvesting etc. Soon after its formation, NPCC took up construction in 1958 with Badua Dam. Since then NPCC has successfully completed number of dams as under:-

  • Badua Dam, Bihar
  • Suthna Earthen Dam cum Reservoir, (M..P.)
  • Hasdeo Barrage & Earthen Dam, (M..P.)
  • Chandan Dam & Spillway, Bihar
  • Earth Embankment at Mulla Dam, Maharashtra
  • Rajghat Dam (U.P.) / (M.P.)
  • Bakreshwer Dam (W.B.)
  • Hidkal Dam, Karnataka
  • Suthna Earthen Dam cum Reservoir, (M..P.).
  • Masonry Weir across river Pench, Maharashtra
  • Earthen Saddle Dam, Pench, Maharashtra
  • Baira Dam for Baira-siul HEP, (H.P.)
  • Earthen Dam Pt, II for Ramagundam TPS, (A.P.)
  • Composite concrete cum Masonry Dam at Totladoh, Maharashtra
  • Bansagar Dam, (M.P.)
  • Singda Dam, Manipur